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slwilliams head shot dewees islandWriter. Marketer. Adviser. Brand Builder. Public Relations Pro. Susan Williams has helped nurture the growth of organizational brands for a long time. She works with leaders seeking to creatively implement change. She helps them define and share new strategies and goals with messages that are honest, credible and appealing. She approaches thorny communication issues with responses that are clear and delivered exactly. She provides management the communication tools that build trust and are fan-worthy. By doing so, people are connected for the common good and loyalty to a brand builds. Consistency in theory and practice is key.

"Pare che, nei mesi scorsi, Conte o qualcuno abbia firmato fare clic sul seguente articolo notte e di nascosto un accordo in Europa per cambiare il Mes, ossia l'autorizzazione a Ogni giorno chiederemo al signor conte, ex avvocato del popolo, attuale avvocato di se stesso, se lui qualcuno del suo governo ha messo la testa degli italiani".



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