Giving education, business and nonprofit brands a voice.       


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There are more than 4,400 higher education institutions in America. Brand differentiation is crucial to communicate the unique core values of each one. The great college brands reveal ‘the true learning experience’ at their institutions and depict the schools’ strengths and outstanding student accomplishments. With American demographics changing, competing institutions must address their unique assets, financial support and career connections for student success in order to not just survive, but thrive. When investing marketing dollars, the right big brand strategy can have immense value.


To close the performance gap between the rich and poor districts, to garner government and public support to do so, school administrations must use communication for tracking student academic progress, for planning meaningful career pathways for students and for regaining the trust and support of taxpayers. Public education is an American institution that built this country. Today it needs a new commitment from all sectors in order to build a new and better statewide public education system. For more than fourteen years, SW&A produced key communication strategies and related tools for Allentown School District to increase understanding and support. Under the direction of four superintendents, we won more than 25 awards from the Pennsylvania School Boards Association and the Pennsylvania School Public Relations Association. Now, she is applying this experience and knowledge to elevate the role of the Allentown School District Foundation.

“As Superintendent of Schools, I had great confidence in Susan Williams who provided strategic communication consulting to the Allentown School District for 13 years. Susan contributed significantly in linking the district with the economic, ethnic, racial, political and regional influences and utilized a range of marketing and communications skills to best convey the work of the school district. Her ability to establish actions related to needs influenced greater accountability for results, essential to conveying achievement and accomplishments of both students and staff. Susan has demonstrated this same strategic approach with clients in higher education, health care and in other corporate venues.”

Karen S. Angello Ph.D., Superintendent, Allentown School District, 2002-2010