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Almost every nonprofit suffers the same malady: too much mission, too little money. Their role in supporting the two other legs of the American economy — government and for-profit — is critical. Nonprofits work with the least resources and the greatest hearts. They do so with board members leading the charge. A nonprofit is only as good as the board members who support it. And, many times, a nonprofit’s legacy is founded on the legacy of another. Nonprofits are resilient and recognize that marketing is critical to the support of their mission. We can energize the process, provide the right focus to broaden the reputation and elevate visibility for expansion of mission, message and market.

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“As the executive director/CEO of the Burn Prevention Network, a regional health care affiliated nonprofit agency, I have worked with Susan Williams for 20 years. As a marketing strategist and communications specialist, she has and continues to deliver extraordinary outcomes and counsel for our organization. Her professional competency is equally matched by her passion for her clients’ success.” Dan Dillard, Executive Director/CEO, Burn Prevention Network