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There are more than 4,400 higher education institutions in America. Brand differentiation is crucial to communicate the unique core values of each one. The great college brands reveal ‘the true learning experience’ at their institutions and depict the schools’ strengths and outstanding student accomplishments. With American demographics changing, competing institutions must address.... more


There is enduring value in building legacies out of brands. Their logos and the products they represent have emotive power. When presented right, brands positively touch our souls. Their utility must be demonstrated in order for the essence of the brand to speak to us. A broad-based platform of tools builds synchronicity with communication and technology in concert with... more


Almost every nonprofit suffers the same malady: too much mission, too little money. Their role in supporting the two other legs of the American economy — government and for-profit — is critical. Nonprofits work with the least resources and the greatest hearts. They do so with board members leading the charge. A nonprofit is only as good as the board members who... more