Giving education, business and nonprofit brands a voice.       

There is enduring value in building legacies out of brands. Their logos and the products they represent have emotive power. When presented right, brands positively touch our souls. Their utility must be demonstrated in order for the essence of the brand to speak to us. A broad-based platform of tools builds synchronicity with communication and technology in concert with one another.  An authentic message is dependent on the brand’s cause while integration is key to communicating the ongoing success of a brand. Creative strategy that personifies the image and helps to convey real values will get noticed. Committed leaders who visibly play a part and who take ideas to market yield more positive results more quickly. It’s all about connecting true value to consumer needs, wants and desires.

“GEO Specialty Chemicals has enjoyed a long standing relationship with Susan Williams & Associates. Sue and her team work closely with our business to understand our specific needs for each project. They consistently offer creative ideas tailored to meet our business to business marketing requirements promptly and professionally. We have always been pleased with the results.“

Donna M. Kling, VP and GM, GEO Specialty Chemicals Paints & Coatings Division, North America