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The art catalogue, Paul Harryn: Essence of Nature, pays tribute to Post-Moderne abstract artist, Paul Harryn, in line with his major exhibition at the Allentown Art Museum January – May 2014. The energy and enthusiasm with which Harryn paints is both celebrated and memorialized in this 72-page collection of art and essays that capture the essence of his vision. There’s a balance of artistic criticism, art plates and action photos of the artist at work that blend to create a glimpse into Harryn’s creativity and a fine complement to the exhibition. Photo by Lisa Lake.

“I know it’s a bit premature, but as a team, all of you have done a marvelous job facilitating a catalogue that I am going to be extremely proud of …equally as important is my confidence in distributing this to major collectors and curators throughout the region, the U.S. and Europe (some of which are anxiously awaiting its publication). Moving forward, we should submit it for design awards in the graphics and publication industry.”

Paul Harryn, Artist