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The most amazing work comes from the most essential marketing for core services in America. That was the case for Jesse Baro Inc., a third-generation heavy duty hauling firm that became one of the most splendid projects in 2012. After two weeks of immersion, an outline moved to copy and final approval, selection of web-worthy photos, design intervention, technical programming…and voila! We were ready to roll out the Jesse Baro website onto the Internet. Here is a case of developing a brand consistent with family values. This website has proven to gain traction in the department of hits and page reads….and new customers.

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“The first time I met Ms. Williams to discuss a brochure and a new web site design, it hit me. The energy that she brought to the table told me immediately that this is the person who could convey through words and pictures what Jesse Baro Inc. is all about. She pushed hard for information so she could paint a beautiful picture about our company.”

Stephen C. Baro, President, Jesse Baro, Inc.

“Creative care and feeding of large projects, that’s what Susan does and she does it well.”

Alan Zerbe, Graphic Designer, Bethlehem, PA