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The 2015-2016 Muhlenberg College annual report examines the transition of leadership with new president John I. Williams Jr. as its 12th president. In this 22nd issue, Muhlenberg expands its global reach in a more diverse and technically-savvy environment. This 42-page book reports on how Muhlenberg responds to globalization and how it differentiates its programs on campus and around the world. It portrays the College’s particular liberal arts mission as one that builds character for success. The report highlights Muhlenberg’s admissions, development and financial progress with curricular updates and provides a snapshot of cultural and athletic activities. The increased international interconnectedness of Muhlenberg College is a perennial message. As an important reputation tool, this annual report is produced in 4 months and mailed to almost 30,000 alumni, parents, student prospects and their families, state and community leaders and other peer institutions. This report won a 2016 gold award from CUPRAP (short for the College & University Public Relations Association of Pennsylvania).