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When clients hire us at the start of something big, we can have a huge effect on elevating the value of a brand, with the right message. SW&A employs top professionals to market. We build internal/external teams, as needed, large or small, so that a cohesive group of client-directors, experts, technologists, media types and graphic talent is on top of the game.

Here are steps typical to the process:

 1. Identify the communication problem or marketing opportunity.

 2. State the objective.

 3. Understand the product benefits, service attributes and marketing or development process.

 4. Identify the audience, and the ways they want to connect.

 5. Evaluate channels for communication.

 6. Understand the brand potential for growth in current and future markets.

 7. Identify the core user benefit.

8. Suggest relevant themes, messages, major benefits and selling points.

9. Develop the creative.

10. Write the marketing plan with key components for success, including timetable and cost.

11. Implement and evaluate.

We offer the full range of consulting services in strategic counsel, communication design and implementation.